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Commemorate your accomplishments

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Advertise upcoming events and releases

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Decorate your walls with interactive presentations

Example Frame

Other Uses

• Recording labels, music executives & performing artists - What better way to commemorate your musical accomplishments than by utilizing a Display Dock? Simultaneously you can:

• Display a platinum or gold plaque.

• Listen to songs and watch music videos.

• Create a digital autobiography.

• Movie theaters - imagine featuring movie trailers inside movie poster displays? You have the luxury to:

• Advertise special movie promotions and/or upcoming movie releases.

• Have your customers sign up for email marketing promotions and navigate them to your social media profiles.

• Charge movie companies a premium for product placement within the interactive, movie poster display.

• Restaurants/Sports Bars - decorate the walls of your entrance or waiting area with the capacity to:

• Feature videos or photos of your master chef, staff and customers.

• Advertise special and daily deals.

• Present information about your dishes, recipes and methods of preparation.